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  • Dream World(Shanghai)Trading CO.LTD
  • Address:Rm.19E, NO.201, Ningxia Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, 200063, China
  • Contact:Carrie
  • Phone:+86 13262575131
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Pre-sales Consulting
. Consult the details
. Choose machinery in much more scientific way
. Negotiate the price
Sign Contract
Ordering Information:
. Product name, Model, Size, Amount, to confirm if have any special technical requirements
. Appearance color of machinery
. Confirm the shipping method and date
Quality Insurance
. Supplier should ensure the shipped machinery agreed in contract is qualified;
. The warranty period is 12 months, start from the time when inspection finished. During warranty time, supplier should be responsible for maintenance and replace unqualified parts if the machinery has quality problem. If the machine damaged for buyer's reason, then the buyer should pay for the travel expensed and parts cost;
. Take China's ''thress guarantees''(for repair, replacement or compensation of faulty products) for reference for serious problems;
. We will prolong the service time endlessly if out warranty time, and the cost should be covered by the buyer.
After-sale Service
. After contract confirmed, supplier will provide installation drawing to buyer to prepare construction. The foot hole of machine should be reserved;
. When shipments arrived(buyer prepare lifting and carrying tools), place the machine in right place, then start secondary grouting; Supplier will send engineers there to guide installation;
. In order to ensure the operation of equipment, we have prepared professional after-sale service team to guide commissioning and other related work. We will provide you full service during your using of our machinery;
. We can train your operators and provide technical consultancy service competely for free;
. If we receive your message for machine's quality(call, email, ect.), we will reply you in 24 hours and send people there to help solve the problems.
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